Marketplace for Flexible Workspace Leases

Helping people find their next workspace

Quikspaces is an online marketplace platform for flexible office rentals. The platform hosts a variety of workspaces such as shared offices, co-working desks, and serviced offices. Instead of being locked into multi-year leases, anyone can instantly book a workspace over flexible time periods. Likewise, anyone with unused office space could list their office on the market — turning surplus space into cash.

Designing for Quikspaces was an opportunity to rethink how people find and book their next place of work. I was the only designer on the team and spent the year learning from challenges in scaling the product as it continued to grow.

My Role & The Team

UI/UX Designer & Front-end Developer

Team of 1 designer, 4 engineers, and 2 product owners


Mar 2017 - Jun 2018

  • User Research
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Front-end Development
The Problem

Securing office space is a long and drawn-out process.

Office space is one of the most fundamental needs of any company. Yet the act of securing office space is far from straightforward, with search times averaging half a year. Furthermore, due to multi-year leases being the norm, businesses are less able to adapt to the natural fluctuations of a company. In times of downsizing, they overpay for underused surplus space. In times of expansion, they are stuck until their lease expires; only to then repeat the whole process once again.

Landlords deal with their own headaches, too. They find themselves unable to clear inventory soon enough. Unoccupied office space usually means their listing does not reflect the needs of would-be tenants. This inflexibility to adapt to the market means sitting on property that continues to gather dust month over month.

Inflexible leases and under-utilised office space are leading to losses to both tenants and landlords.

6 months

Average time it takes to secure office space

3 years

Typical minimum lease terms


Of office space remain unrented
The Challenge

How might we help tenants find their next office space in weeks rather than months?

I started by conducting research to outline user profiles and identify essential user flows. Then, I shifted my focus to converting insights into actionable tasks to design the platform. This meant outlining the information architecture, user flows, and visual design.

User Profiles

To kick things off, I outlined the distinct user types that we hypothesized would benefit from what we were trying to design. It was important to take this into account because different profiles would have distinct needs and goals.

Conceptualizing The Product

I started designing the Information Architecture and Low-Fi concepts for primary use cases. I worked closely with the engineers, product manager, and stakeholders on the mockups. Once we were confident in the direction, I worked on the front-end development with the engineering team to turn the designs into reality.

Usability Testing

A few months after launching our open beta, we ran usability tests to make sure our core search experience was smooth and intuitive. In preparation for the tests, I helped identify which scenarios and tasks we should run the participants through. Based on the feedback we received, I made adjustments to the visual and experience design of the platform.

Find your next workspace on Quikspaces

We spent the next couple of months iterating our designs based on the feedback received from the beta launch. We launched our product by first focusing on on-boarding landlords and workspace owners with surplus space. Our goal was to have a few hundred listings to begin with, so that people had a reasonable diversity of spaces to choose from.

Search for Workspaces

  1. Search by region, district, space type, and lease terms
  2. Depending on their needs, they can book for longer-term spaces such as private offices, or even rent a meeting or conference room on an hourly-basis.
  3. Filter even further by price, occupancy size, available amenities, and more!
  4. Map on the side for those looking to search based on specific locations within the city

Listing Details Page

  1. Shows you specific information about the page.
    (Image gallery, address, price, amenities, building opening hours)
  2. People can request for an on-site tour, or request to book for a specific date directly.

Venue Pages

  1. Venue pages were needed to help organise all listings that came from one single brand.
  2. If people had a specific brand in mind (i.e. a coworking space), they could navigate to this page to see all of their available listings.

Shortlist and Compare

  1. We found out that people were usually comparing between multiple listings on our platform.
  2. I designed the shortlist function to help them narrow down their top contenders that matched their needs.
  3. After launching this function, we saw boosts to listing page visit rates by 19% and request for tours by 33%.

Featured Listings

  1. Every week, we chose the listings we thought had the best shot at being rented and highlighted them on the front page. This also incentivized space owners to ensure their listings looked polished.
  2. Space owners could also pay to have a spot on our highlights section to boost the visibility of certain listings.

Outcomes & Learnings

Quikspaces was a valuable learning opportunity for me. I got to experience designing for the entire lifecycle of a marketplace platform. From day 1, I was given the chance to take ownership over the entire design process.

I have particularly fond memories of the times we conducted user research and usability tests. The results were always humbling, and was a great chance for me to reassess my biases about my assumptions over the needs of our users.

Quikspaces continued to grow, eventually offering workspaces across all corners of Hong Kong. I'm glad to share that the platform has been acquired by a larger competitor in South East Asia. The two platforms have merged to offer flexible workspaces for everyone across Asia.


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