On-Demand Boba Tea Delivery

Design challenge to make life easier for boba lovers

In February 2020, I was given 5 days to complete a design challenge. Between two different prompts, I chose to work on designing a delivery app specifically for Boba tea. The premise was simple enough yet also had enough breadth and depth to explore options across interaction and visual design.

I designed a simple visual identity for the app called 'bobanow', and designed a clickable prototype using Figma. I also went through my design process and compiled a pitch deck to go with my designs. Below is a simple summation of my design work for this challenge.

My Role & The Team

Visual Designer

Team of 1 designer (myself)


5 days (Feb 2020)

  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Prototyping
The Challenge

Design an app for Boba delivery

The popularity of boba in the Bay Area has skyrocketed in the last few years, with many different shops and flavors being enjoyed by consumers every day. Imagine a boba app that will make life easier for boba lovers and boba makers.

Some ideas include:

  • Browsing boba stores based off recommendations
  • Allowing boba stores to advertise new flavors or deals
  • Allowing consumers to order boba and have it delivered to them

My Problem Solving Process

bobanow Introduction
Bobanow stakeholders
Bobanow information-architecture-1
Bobanow information-architecture 2a
Bobanow information-architecture 2b
Bobanow information-architecture 3
Bobanow user flow
Bobanow lofi wireframes
Bobanow lofi wireframes
Bobanow lofi wireframes
Bobanow measuring success
Bobanow ux debts